What is GML Auditorio?

The GML Auditorium or Gaira Música Local Auditorium is known as a “Live Venue” for live performances and special events. It has a high capacity and counts with all the required infrastructure and technology to conduct even the largest concerts. The rich and diverse Colombian culture is what gives this auditorium its great identity and capacity to create empathy between us and whoever comes to enjoy our culture.

What is Cumbia?

“Cumbia” is the countries sound of origin not only does it represent the union of the different cultures that conform us today but its also connects us to the different cultures of the world. The word Cumbia comes from the “CHIMILA” syllables “CUM” meaning to chant or sing and “BIA” meaning “The Divine” or “God”. Together they spell “CUMBIA” meaning “To sing to the divine”.
Since “La Cumbia” is so important to Colombian culture and progress the auditorium donors the mother of Colombian music every second of the day.


Happiness is our philosophy, it’s the spirits of our ancestors for whom we were their joy. From who we inherited our story and our oral tradition. Its recreating an experience that rescues the different Colombian habits and traditions represented through local and international expressions. The Auditorium honors local and international art and traditions through its architecture, ambience and entertainment. GML Auditorium is for all types of audiences and cultures.


To establish a stable business model that generate live and unique experiences that become diverse with Colombian and world cultures.


To protect and serve Colombian culture and all its expressions without excluding the rest of the world.

What We Do

We recreate and create different experiences in honor of Colombian culture without excluding the rest of the world by protecting the good image and practices of Colombian music and traditions.

Enfoque social

Es obvio entonces descubrir en nuestra filosofía un enfoque social ya que la marca para cumplir sus objetivos, necesita aliarse al factor humano artístico desde todo punto de vista ( musical, teatral y de servicios en general); es importante destacar la importancia de este punto si tomamos en cuenta los pocos espacios y fuentes de trabajo que tienen los artistas locales, desde ese punto de vista la marca logra crear empatía no solamente con el publico sino dentro del gremio artístico, creando así un equipo homogéneo que busca los mismos objetivos para lograr una experiencia GML de excelencia.