The Birth Of An Idea

Gaira Cafe was an idea created by the Brothers Vives Restrepo. They wanted to design an aquatic sports memorabilia cafe on the beach of one of Santa Marta’s most famous bays named Bahia Gaira or more commonly known as “El Rodadero” At the time both brothers led very busy lives forcing them to shut down “La Tienda Gaira” in Santa Marta and re-open it years later in the heart of Colombia’s capital city Bogota.


In 1972 the Vives Restrepo family arrived at the house where today stands the Gaira Cafe and GML Auditorium.In 1995 the Vives Restrepo brothers bought the house adjacent to their mothers house, where the eldest of the two Carlos Vives began to live and produce a television show called “La Tele” which was made up of a group of actors and musicians that took talk shows to a whole other level.

It was also the house where the countries most famous band was preparing themselves to travel the world with their new musical and cultural fusions. They where called “La Provincia” and they where also led by Carlos Vives. Guillermo Vives decides to go study theatre in New York but the big city woke his interests in the culinary arts and he starts to pursue his dream in opening up a restaurant.

Two years after living in the big city makes Guillermo want to move back to Colombia’s capital and open up one of the countries most visited restaurants till this day.In August of 1998 Carlos & Guillermo open the first Gaira Cafe Restaurant in the garage of their old house.
Gaira Cafe’s first clients were the artists that visited the house where La Tele was recorded. Among them where; Martín de Francisco, Santiago Moure, Óscar Borda, Manuel Busquets, Rafa Uribe, Katy Sáenz, Isabela Santodomingo and many others.
The amount of artists and musicians that frequently visited the restaurant landed us the nick name “ The Artist’s Cafe “

Guillermo Vives and his mother Araceli Restrepo pulled together the first kitchen staff and carefully selected each cook based on their knowledge of Colombian recipes and experience in Colombian Cuisine. The food was as diverse as the music that was being created in the same house.
Guillermo began to investigate old recipes that could only be found in very specific regions of Colombia and were in danger of being lost in the people’s customs and habits. He rescued these amazing recipes and fused them with international dishes creating a very unique and diverse menu for Gaira Cafe.

La Tele was shut down and Carlos Vives & La Provincia went on to be the most famous Colombian band world wide with 2 Grammys and more than 11 Latin Grammys. While Carlos was traveling the world with his music Guillermo and his mother were hard at work in the kitchen making Gaira Cafe’s menu hard to match.Today Gaira Cafe is one of the most visited and iconic restaurants in Colombia and South America.
In 2018 the restaurant opened its second home in Bogota’s International Airport and since counts with a food processing building and one refrigerated truck that visits both restaurants daily to stock up.


Gaira Cafe is an aquatic sports themed restaurant that was built in honor of the bay that gave it the name and the sports that were practiced there: Water Ski, Rowing, Swimming, Sailing, Water Boarding, Beach Soccer and many more. The plates implemented in the menu are rescued from old recipes and the fusion of both Colombian and international cuisine.


Gaira Cafe’s philosophy is based on offering a unique gastronomic experience by combining Colombia’s diverse geographical and cultural influences with the countries diverse raw materials like vegetables, grains and fruits to create new gastronomic creations that contain multiple flavours and nutritional values.


Achieve a stable business model that generates unique and diverse gastronomic experiences in pro of Colombia’s culture without excluding the rest of the world.


To protect and serve Colombian gastronomy and place it on the top of mind and top of heart of consumers world wide.

What We Do

Recrea diferentes recetas de la cultura colombiana y del lugar de origen de donde se funda, renueva la gastronomía local reinventando con los sabores de siempre una nueva experiencia culinaria.